The Most Adaptable Pool Light Available

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 at 10:31 AM

Amoray Underwater Light for Pools, Ponds, Water features

Swimming pool owners, installers and retailers have been waiting for many years for a low voltage, energy saving alternative to replace aging and inefficient pool lights. With all of the different configurations of pool lights, niches and attachment hardware it has been almost impossible to source a 12V system that has universal compatibility. In addition, there are a few nicheless lights that pose even greater adaptability challenges. Specifically, the Aqualumin II once had broad appeal as a nicheless pool light, but problems with the bulbs have rendered many of these lights dormant and unused.

Thankfully, there is an all-in-one energy efficient solution that offers full color and easy to use remote control. The 12V Amoray Underwater LED Light easily adapts to every niche and nicheless light sold over the last 30 years. “You’ve done it!” exclaims a delighted pool builder at the 2017 Pool and Spa show in Atlantic City. “I have installed dozens of Aqualumin II lights every year for over 10 years.” he continues, “and until now there has been no suitable replacement.” That sentiment has been expressed over and over by frustrated pool retailers and builders across America.

“We knew there was a tremendous need in the market” explains Patrick Dyck, inventor and owner of Amoray Lighting, “The key was to build a light that didn’t just fit existing mounting hardware, but it also had to be a substantial improvement in light quality, energy efficiency and safety too. Included in our mandate was to design a light that was durable, bright, full colour and remote controlled.” Amoray Lighting hit the mark on all counts. High intensity colour LEDs activated by a hand held remote control allows the user to select from a variety of colors and color transitions with just the push of a button.

As for retrofitting existing lights including the Aqualumin II each Amoray light comes complete with all of the hardware needed for almost any installation. Additional mounting hardware is available on their website, for rare and unique situations. “Customer service is our top priority”. according to Juanita Dyck Co-Owner of Amoray Lighting. “If any of our customers run into tricky installation or retrofit challenges, we are available for technical support. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop workable solutions for every unique underwater lighting situation.”

The 12V Amoray full color underwater LED light is guaranteed to fit every retrofit regardless of the type of pool or type of light being replaced. “If we can’t make it work, just return the light for a full refund” says Patrick. This compatibility guarantee is very welcome and comforting to all those pool owners and swimming pool professionals who have been frustrated by the lack of workable solutions to their pool lighting needs.