Amoray Underwater LEDS


A Revolution in Underwater LED Lighting

Ideal for: Pools, Ponds, Lakes, Fountains, Docks, Water Features, Streams, Underwater Accent Lighting

Features of Amoray Lights

Ultra Energy Efficient

Input: Safe Low Power AC 12V Light
Output: 54 watts;
Power Cord: 30ft,50ft, 100ft & Custom length.


Corrosion Free Design
Best choice for both chlorine and salt water pools

Safe Low Power

Low voltage LED lights eliminates
the chance of electric shock


Nicheless Design

Easy for new installations and
simple to retrofit existing pools

Money Savings

Long lasting LEDs, Ultra Low Power and
Durable Construction means huge savings


13 Brilliant Color Combinations and remote control convenience

Amoray Underwater LED Light
Mask your Amoray Light to blend into your swimming pool liner or pond. Infinite colors and designs are available.

Why Amoray LED Lights are Revolutionary

Transform your swimming pool or pond into an alluring focal point for evening guests to admire. With Amoray Underwater LED Lights, you have a rainbow of colour options in one light fixture including bright white.

    Your Amoray Underwater LED light comes with and approved 12V transformer and multifunction remote. The entire lighting system has been tested to ensure that it functions safely under all underwater conditions.
    Consuming only 12V of electricity minimizes the energy consumption of Amoray Underwater LED lights. Yet the light output is an amazing 6,900 Lumens. This durable LED underwater light will save up to 75% in electricity, labor and parts with a lifespan of over 20 years when installed and handled according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
    Salt water pools are becoming more and more popular as a healthy alternative to chlorine. Amoray Underwater LED lights were originally designed for salt water use in wide variety of marine applications as well as swimming pools and water features. Standard underwater lights are design for fresh water and chlorinated water only. With years of testing, the innovative materials used in Amoray lights have been proven to remain corrosion free in saltwater, chlorinated water and freshwater applications, making them ideal in the following aquatic applications:
    -Chlorinated and Saltwater Swimming Pools
    -Freshwater and Saltwater Water Features
    -Under Dock Lighting in Freshwater and Saltwater
    -Underwater Safety Lighting for Marinas
    -Underwater Shore Lighting in Freshwater and Saltwater
    -Large Freshwater and Marine Aquariums
    -Underwater caves, grottos and lagoons
    The super long lasting LED’s in Amoray Underwater lights offer worry free lighting no matter what the application. Whether for ponds, fountains, pools or underwater dock lighting, once these durable lights are installed there is no internal maintenance whatsoever. Just enjoy!
    With the full spectrum of colour combinations and 3 separate light show programs the lighting options are virtually endless. Find the colour or combination of colours that best sets the mood for any occasion and then sit back and relax. Amoray Underwater LED Lights are sure to enhance the enjoyment of your pool or water feature after dark or lagoon.
    Experts from the lighting industry, aquatic and pool industries and plastics industry all played a critical role in ensuring the Amoray LED Underwater Lights will stand the test of time. Tested to depths of 20 feet in all types of conditions these lights are the most durable on the market. The scientifically designed lens is made of high clarity, shatter resistant polymer plastics that contain advanced light refracting prisms to optimize lighting effectiveness. In swimming pools these light refracting prisms facilitate light retention in the water to create a more optically pleasing ambience.
    Design to be shockproof Amoray Underwater LED Lights will not break if bumped during underwater play or if struck by pool toys. No glass eliminates the possibility of dangerous shards that could cut pond or pool liners. Strong, durable polymer plastics and virtually unbreakable bezel protectors ensure that you will have worry free underwater lighting for many years. (20 year Life Expectancy)
    Amoray Underwater LED Lights, are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for three (3) years. Should a defect occur, please contact our customer service line at 1-800-970-2827 or at the following email address: An additional 2 years Warranty is available for $159.99. Click here for complete warranty information.

Special Packages

Add On Accessories


Pool without a Light?

Amoray Big C Bracket

Amoray Big C Bracket

The BIG C RETURN JET BRACKET allows the Amoray Light to easily fit on any existing return jet.

No drilling or cutting required. Our innovative mounting ring makes installation FAST and EASY!

The BIG C bracket allows you to mount the Amoray Underwater 12V LED light to any return jet and still allow water flow.

Patented Retrofit Bracket System


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