Pool & Water Feature Lighting Tips

Posted on DEC 12, 2016 at 4:18 PM

In ground Pool Lighting Tips

Amoray Underwater LED lighting can transform any swimming pool into a stunning landscape feature. Add the options of colour and colour transitions and create a captivating focal point for any occasion. To ensure that your in ground pool lighting, underwater pond lighting, stream or fountain lighting achieves the desired visual effects, just follow the simple tips below.

Lighting Direction

Whether you are lighting an existing pool or water feature or you are planning a new installation, it is important to consider the location of the primary viewing areas. The location of patios, decks and sitting areas are most important. In many cases the view from inside the home should be considered as well. The purpose here is to ensure that no part of the light source shines directly into the eyes of the viewers. Indirect underwater lighting is most effective for a comfortable view and to achieve the most appealing effects. Amoray Underwater LED’s makes this easy by providing a diffusion lens to help eliminate hot spots from direct viewing angles.

Lighting Angle

In most cases your underwater pool lighting will have a beam pattern of 30 to 45 degrees. Amoray LED lights provide the largest viewing angle with it’s unique diffusion lens. When lighting a pool or pond it is best to use a wide angle beam. If lighting system has a lens that disperses the light and directs it into the water a more even glow can be achieved. This is often referred to as flood lighting. If the angles are done properly, you will have the illusion of being bathed in light as you swim, you will not want to swim without your lights on. When the water feature being illuminated is narrow, like a vertical jet fountain a narrower beam or spot light will be most effective. The vertical column of water will act like a fiber optic emitter creating a glow throughout its entire length. The Amoray LED lighting system are designed to handle all sizes of fountains and it’s strong construction ensures it can handles the turbid environment of larger fountains.

Reflection and Refraction

One of the most captivating aspects of underwater lighting can be the dance of reflective and refractive light on walls, ceilings and overhangs of structures that are in close proximity. At night, these static structures are transformed into dynamic, moving murals of light. In most cases these secondary lighting effects are achieved entirely circumstantially. However, by carefully considering the placement of the underwater light these effects can be realized intentionally. The Amoray LED lighting system has the ability to change color that can drasticly change mood at a click of a button. As with viewing, the light beam should not shine directly on the surface of the desired effect. Direct the underwater lights in a more parallel direction to the structures surface to achieve the desired effect. 15 different auto colour program modes allow you to select the best color to suit your mood or complement any situation.

Colour and Colour Transitions

The ability to select different colours of light can add a whole new dimension to any underwater lighting effect. Blue light will appear more defused and glowing whereas pinkish hues due to their wavelength will penetrate further and appear brighter. With rapidly changing colours the energy of the space can be elevated like a dance club. Slow, smooth colour transitions create more calming and intriguing atmosphere. In other words colours and colour transitions can impact the mood of the space much more than plane white lighting. Amoray Underwater LED Lights comes equipped with high range remote to allow you the ability to control the lights by a single click of the button.

Energy Consumption

One last tip pertains to the ongoing energy consumption and costs. The most efficient form of lighting today is LED. Light emitting diodes use a small fraction of the energy that regular and halogen lights use. With today’s more advanced LED technology, there is no need to sacrifice on lumens (brightness). In fact, some LED lights are even brighter with greater colour diversity compared to their traditional halogen counter parts. Amoray Underwater LED’s come with a standard 1 year warranty and an addition 2 years can be purchased for nominal cost.

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