Amoray Underwater LED Lighting | SOUTHEAST POOL & SPA SHOW – NASHVILLE, TN

Posted on March 07, 2017 at 03:52 PM

Amoray Underwater Light for Pools, Ponds, Water features

The 2017 Southeast Pool and Spa Show moved from Charlotte to the Music City Center in Nashville. The 2017 Show Floor was nearly double the size of 2016 and first time exhibitors from the Amoray Lighting team were impressed by the turnout. Attendees gravitated to the underwater pool lights display by Amoray Lighting with keen interest in their nicheless pool light.

“The nicheless design and innovative mounting bracket adapter makes our full color remote controlled LED light the most versatile in pool lighting on the market,” explains Patrick Dyck, inventor and owner of Amoray Lighting. “We wanted to bring new light to so many pools in America that have been left in the dark due to failed lighting systems”, says Patrick. The Amoray 12V Underwater LED adapts to retrofit virtually every pool light sold over the past 30 years.

For new pool builds, ease of installation is what separates the Amoray LED pool light from the competition. No niche means no cutting of large holes in the pool wall for liner pools and no time wasted installing a niche. For concrete pools it means no setting and fastening a niche pocket with the rebar and no worries about positioning of the niche during the concrete pour.

We asked Patrick, “With such versatile LED lights for water, do they have any applications other than swimming pools?” To that Patrick began rhyming of a surprisingly extensive list of alternative uses, including underwater LED pond lights, marine lights, underwater fish lights, underwater LED lights for boats and numerous others.

“The reason we can use the Amoray underwater LED light in marine or salt water applications is due to its non-corrosive properties”, Patrick continues, “There is no metal to corrode on either the light or the mounting hardware and because the light is only 12V, we know it will operate safely in any underwater application.”

This week Amoray Lighting is focusing their LED lights for water on the swimming pool industry with great reviews. Many of the attendees mentioned that they have dozens of customers with pool lights that are not working any more. “We can now offer to our customers more light and features than they had before with an easy way to retrofit using the Amoray Lighting system.”, one installer remarks. “I know a lot of pool owners that will be excited when I tell them that they will have light again. Especially when they learn it will be full color, only 12 volts and remote controlled”.