Amoray Lighting Debut at the Mid America Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Show in Indianapolis

Posted on FEB 13, 2016 at 2:18 PM

Amoray Underwater LED Light, Indianapolis

Amoray Lighting Debut at the Mid America Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Show in Indianapolis
Amoray Lighting got quite the response at this year’s Mid America Pool Spa & Outdoor Living show held in Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Colts) in Indianapolis. As a first time exhibitor, Patrick Dyck, President and inventor of the Amoray 12V Underwater LED light said he was surprised at the attendance and scale of the show. “I just wasn’t expecting so many visitors, but it was great to see.”

According to show officials the total exhibit area in the 2017 edition of the Mid America show was almost 140,000 sq. feet. There were 250 exhibitors and nearly 12,000 visitors were in attendance. The Mid America show has become an important event for the North American pool industry.

“We were thrilled with the feedback we received at the show” Patrick states. “With so many competing interests I was really pleased at the amount of enthusiasm we saw for our 12V RGB Color Underwater LED light.” The enthusiasm isn’t surprising at all once you learn that this multicolored light can retrofit to virtually any existing light on the market. For all those who want to get away from the hazards of 120V fixtures and get full color at the same time, the Amoray 12V Underwater LED is the perfect solution.

“Probably the most frequent questions we were asked”, says Patrick, “Involved the types of existing lights the Amoray LED could replace. “I was happy to be able to say “yes” to absolutely every enquiry. That was the whole idea behind this innovative light in the first place. To solve the problems pool owners were having with their existing lights and then to go beyond their expectations with brightness and color selection all while maintaining safe 12V power.”

The light also cuts down on installation time and costs for new installations. Not to mention the approximate 80% energy savings when compared to 120V lights. Unlike lights that fit into the pool jets, Amoray underwater LED’s can be placed almost anywhere necessary to achieve the optimum lighting effects & brightness greater than a traditional 120V light.

When asked about the transformer required, Patrick reaches back and holds up the Amoray UL approved transformer that comes with every light and he’s quick to point out that the remote control and all mounting hardware is also included in the box. “We spent a lot of time on the remote control” explains Patrick. “We wanted to have enough range to make it convenient to use anywhere around the yard. We didn’t want people having to walk toward the pool light pressing the buttons until it worked.” According to the website, the remote control has a range of up to 200 feet.

The Amoray remote allows you to turn the light on and off, easily select one of the solid colors or a variety of light shows. These lights shows vary from slow smooth color transitions to fast paced, almost strobe light effects for creating excitement for the kids or when having a pool party.

Amoray Underwater LED lights come with a 1 year warranty that can be upgraded to 3 years if so desired. The product has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours or 20 years based on normal use of 6 hours per day.

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