Top 10 Questions We Get Asked at Trade Shows

Posted on DEC 12, 2016 at 4:18 PM

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Top 10 Questions We Get Asked at Trade Shows

At the Amoray Lighting trade show booth we generate a lot of interest with our 12V underwater LED lights. Most swimming pool professionals are looking for an underwater colour lighting solution that solves the problems they are having with limitations of existing lights on the market today. Their questions tend to focus on installation, wiring, luminescence and operation. Here are the top 10 questions we get asked by Dealers, Distributors and Pool Installers.

1) Which kind of swimming pools can the Amoray Underwater LED Light be installed in, concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools?
Yes, all three. The Amoray underwater LED light was designed for concrete pools initially. The reason for this is simple. Our design experts knew it would be much easier to adapt the light to liner and fiberglass pools once we perfected the design for the more challenging concrete pools. Everything you need for any type of pool installation is included in the package.
2) What about retrofits for pools with an existing light and niche?
To install an Amoray Underwater LED Light where there is an existing niche is quite simple. Connection can easily be done from our 12V 60 Watt transformer to the wire that powers the existing light and at a location where there is a 110V receptacle. At the niche, simply install the niche adaptor ring and mounting bracket provided with the light to the front of the niche. Then cut the wire to the existing light and use the approved heat shrink and glue method to connect the wire from the Amoray light. Finally, clip the Amoray light to the mounting bracket and fasten with the single set screw included and that’s it. The entire process should take less than one hour. It is important to remember that all work must be done by a licensed electrician.
3) How do you retrofit an Amoray Underwater LED Light in a pool that does not have an existing light?
Whether it is an existing concrete pool, vinyl liner pool or a fiberglass pool Amoray underwater LED lights can be installed much more easily than today’s standard pool lights. This is primarily due to the fact that there is no niche required and the light can be fastened directly to any type of pool wall. The only stipulation is that it cannot be fastened to and outside curve or an inside curve with a radius less than 8 ft.
4) Is there a way to install the light without having to drill into the pool wall of an existing vinyl liner swimming pool?
Yes. By installing the light near the seam of two pool panels, the wire from the light can be run up behind the liner to the coping. A small hole drilled into the coping will allow the wire to be pulled to the surface of the deck. Once there, a number of options are available for getting the wire to the transformer and powers source.
5) How bright is it? What size pool can the Amoray underwater LED light illuminate?
When positioned properly, one Amoray underwater LED light can easily illuminate a 20,000 gallon pool. Often two lights or more are used in larger pools to achieve a more dramatic effect. It is the brightest underwater LED light on the market.
6) How do you turn the light on and off and control the colours?
Amoray underwater LED lights come with a remote control. The push button remote allows for 15 colours and colour transitions for a wide variety of effects. The ideal mood can be achieved for any occasion with the push of a button. For winter, the transformer is simply unplugged from the outlet.
7) Can the remote control synchronize more than one light?
Yes. Up to 10 Amoray underwater LED lights can be controlled with one remote control. This means that changing colours and light shows (automatic colour transitions) will all be synchronized with just one remote.
8) How much cleaning and maintenance is required?
Due to the low heat output of the Amoray underwater LED light there is not nearly as much algae build up on the lens as any other pool light bright pool light. That means less cleaning. As for maintenance the only thing that must be done in areas where pool water freezes in the winter is to remove the light from the bracket and place it on the pool deck until spring.
9) What about corrosion? How long is this light expected to last?
The Amoray Underwater LED light has a life expectancy of 20 years. The entire light is made of durable polymer plastics that will not corrode in any type of underwater environment. Even in marine applications where salt water is a major concern, the Amoray LED light will stand the test of time.
10) How can I get more information?
Visit our website at There you will find numerous videos, complete specifications, installation manuals and a list of dealers in your area.

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